The App Internal CMS UX Design & Usability Testing

I began my 3 position multidisciplinary journey with Wiland as the UX Designer followed by a promotion to Sr UX Designer where I was tasked with reskinning the app, establishing a style guide, enhancing usability, and introducing new UI design workflow structures to equip teams to create, manage, and deploy products and services. The App is a highly complex proprietary content management system for teams to create, manage, track, QC, report, & complete tasks. Teams include: Data Processing, Data Analytics, Modeling & Audience Creation, Production, Client Services, Sales, Product Management, Software Engineering, Quality Control, Operations, and Business Insights Reporting. As a user advocate I worked closely with all of these teams to understand their roles, uncover their needs, challenges, and desired improvements for their daily workflows. I was a lead designer in rolling out successful UX improvements and new interfaces to vastly improve day to day team processes.

  • Company: A B2B data-driven marketing intelligence company creating brand-unique audience products and business insights.
  • Deliverable: Wireframes, UI prototypes, visual UI & Control elements, use cases, user requirements, workflow patterns
  • Skills: UX design, journey mapping, user analysis, user testing, Adobe XD, Figma, Sketch, Balsamiq