People describe me as a highly motivated creative doer. It's true, sometimes to a fault, which is why I took up yoga to help keep me balanced. I am unusually motivated and work incredibly hard at my pursuits. I am passionate about intelligent creative design and the impact it holds on communicating a powerful message. I always place importance on creating meaningful relationships and crafting remarkable design that meets and exceeds expectations. My goal is to provide polished marketing deliverables that reflect the brand voice and engage the target market. I thrive on helping businesses set a foundation for success by visually communicating who they are and what makes them special.


I eat, live, and breathe art. The arts have always strongly influenced my life. In my early years I performed as a company dancer with Olympic Ballet Theatre and was featured in a plethora of professional ballets and choreographic pieces. I spent much of my youth drawing and painting which later evolved into Liz W Fine Art - a contemporary fine art business bringing a meaningful connection between art and viewer.

With advanced degrees in Design and Business Management I successfully embarked on a career in apparel and graphic design. I designed for Nordstrom, Tommy Bahama, and Unionbay Sportswear to name a few. The attribute that sets me apart from most designers is that I am analytical and creative. My analytical and intuitive nature paved my designation into the field of User Experience Design. From intelligent marketing collateral, engaging digital presentations, to user-centered design I challenged and refined my craft working with Wiland - a leading provider of business intelligence and data-driven marketing solutions. With this diverse creative and technical background, I developed a highly skilled eye for art composition, user flow, and have a knack for communicating a story through visual design - bringing content to life.

My husband and I take pride in being “foodie’s”, creatively crafting artistic gourmet dishes that delight our family, friends, and guests. Fresh herbs, edible flowers, and microgreens from our permaculture garden are a common garnish found in our dishes. From cultural concoctions to handmade ice creams, our tasty delights keep me happily fueled for all my creative endeavors!



Interesting Facts About Me

• Married my childhood sweetheart on Makena Beach in Maui Hawaii for the 2nd time - the 1st time was when we got married on the playground in 3rd grade with a Life Savers ring.

• Traveled around the world in 100 days. My favorite destination: New Zealand.

• I love getting chefy with allergy free alternatives, especially dairy free handmade ice cream. My favorite flavors: Macadamia Nut Cacao, Chocolate Honeycomb, and Pistachio.

• Performed the cygnet quartet in Swan Lake with the Bolshoi Ballet.

• Hiked Angels Landing in Zion Utah, it was one of the most adventurous hikes of my life (not for the faint-hearted).

• I am an avid Orchid grower with a home full of beautiful blooming orchids throughout the year.

• Practice yoga every other day or more in my home yoga studio.

• I am a contemporary fine art painter and owner of Liz W Fine Art.

• My taste in music is eclectic. I listen to just about everything: blues, classical, rock, classic rock, indie, electronic, and world music.

• I grow and eat microgreens for the powerhouse of nutrition they provide and for the finishing touch on a sophisticated entree!

• My husband and I are crazy about ballroom dancing - especially West Coast Swing!